Get Control of Your Vendor

MISO3 is the first machine learning platform purpose-built to identify and extract information directly from your vendors, ensuring data freshness and reporting accuracy.


Your Virtual Hire

Meet MISO. Your 24/7 bot that finds, extracts, and normalizes your vendor subscription data and reports to a single source. No API, no problem. MISO scrapes, copies, and organizes, so you can save time and money. Best of all, MISO doesn't mind if you take all the credit.


A Fresh Perspective

Vendors provide their subscription inventory in a myriad of ways. It's your data, see it your way. Let MISO organize and present your vendor subscriptions, licenses, and services consistently and purposefully.


Data Security

MISO uses leading encryption and password management technologies, and exists only to extract data. It simply finds the data that the vendor provides and figures out how to make it more actionable.


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