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What is MiSO3?

Your single source of truth for all vendor services. An evolutionary shift towards machine learning that will shape how you import, analyze, and act on one of the fastest-growing costs in your organization.


  • MiSO3 hosts and analyzes all vendor service information

  • MiSO3 extracts, transforms, and ingests data from any third-party source to includes portals, APIs, and invoices


A centralized hub for accurate information on all your vendor service commitments. Stay informed with real-time updates on costs, terms, and ownership that can be seamlessly utilized across your the entire organization.

Eliminate Waste

MiSO3 consistently analyzes your service inventory for inefficiencies. Start identifying services that are not actively used and ensure that you are paying the market rate for the services you do utilize.

Drive Efficiency

Let MiSO3 automation meticulously navigate through portals and invoices, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets and pivot tables. Experience the simplicity of making informed and actionable decisions effortlessly.

Become an Expert

Service management begins and ends with data management. Irrespective of vendor or technology, equip yourself with the information to assess ongoing needs and anticipate future decisions.

Recurring services come in three primary forms


Fixed for a specified term with cost driven from individual service orders. Examples include telecom and licensing.


Quantity based services interchangeable by user assignment. Examples include software-as-a-service (SaaS) and content solutions.


Units consumed based service and billed in arears. Examples include cloud compute and IP traffic driven offerings.

Our Existing Clients


Whether you have a sizable team grappling with vendor service commitments or are just beginning to understand the challenges, MiSO3 can assist. Begin with a single supplier or a specific type of supplier—MiSO3 offers the flexibility to grow with your needs.

MiSO3 Direct

Start Fresh

The platform seamlessly extracts and transforms your billed services directly from vendor invoices and inventories.

What sets MiSO3 Direct apart is its proactive approach—it not only processes data but also autonomously logs into portals and API connections to gather often scattered information.

MiSO3 Amplify

Do Better

Are you currently using a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) system but finding its primary value is simply an Accounts Payable feed?

Cumbersome interfaces and complex reporting can limit its accessibility, putting valuable information out of reach. With Amplify, MiSO3 steps in, extracting this data and transforming it into actionable intelligence that can be effortlessly shared and used across the organization, from operations to procurement to IT.

MiSO3 Enrich


Vendor invoices are designed to inform you about what you owe, lacking detailed insights into the services you are paying for. Much of the excluded information is available but housed in alternative vendor environments such as provisioning, authentication, and trouble resolution platforms.

Through Enrich, MiSO3 seamlessly merges these environments, delivering richer and actionable data.

MiSO3 Align


The practice of manually entering service information into a system introduces the high probability of it becoming out of sync with actual invoicing. Factors like cost and term changes, cancellations, and vendor billing updates can contribute to these data inconsistencies.

MiSO3 Align addresses these challenges by employing intelligent matching algorithms to easily compare and report on data discrepancies. Align dramatically improves processing times and accuracy through machine learning and automation.

MiSO3 Refresh

Simply Ask

Have you ever wondered why the identical service from the same vendor, at the same location, can have two distinct costs? The simple answer, someone asked for a better price.

Vendors possess significant flexibility with pricing, yet typically refrain from offering discounts unless initiated by the customer. The best time to make this request is when a term is ending and the vendor is at the greatest risk of losing business. MiSO3 Refresh understands this as well as that repricing might not be a top priority. Refresh tracks each service and automates vendor requests to ensure savings is not lost to inaction.

How it works?

Accessing your vendor information can be a complex task due to inconsistent storage of invoices, contracts, and service orders throughout the organization. MiSO3 is purpose-built to seamlessly collect this data from one or multiple sources, actively tracking both received and pending information, ensuring a comprehensive and timely overview.

spent annually for recurring cloud and connectivity solutions
of IT budgets allocated towards recurring cloud, connectivity, and licenses
waste resulting from unused licenses, overbilling, and out of term services
additional overhead required to mange recurring vendor commitments

The root of industry challenges lies in data inconsistency and fragmentation

Organizations rapid migration to the cloud has accelerated the need for timely and complete information. The lack of standardized practices in how vendors invoice and report on service commitments costs businesses billions of dollars each year.