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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

- Mark Twain

MISO3 understands that without the right tools, even with the best intentions, it is very difficult to track services. Most business start with a data integrity percentage well below 50% and are unsure on how to start on this journey. The lack of actionable data costs businesses every day and, if not corrected, could grow into thousands, even millions of dollars of wasted annual expense.


MISO is the first “purpose-built” Service Assurance Platform. Deployed as an easy to use SAAS solution, MISO has been developed from the ground-up with a mission to provide unparalleled usability, functionality and security. With an architecture scoped to support some of the worlds largest organizations, MISO is affordable and usable for business ranging from a single facility to thousands of locations.

Eliminate Waste. Save Money. MISO3


To change this trajectory quickly, MISO3 launched MISO Pro. Using industry specialists, the MISO Pro Team will work with Client organizations and their vendors to import, normalize and report on data completeness. Once inputted, services are tracked and recalculated on a daily basis. Customizable Alerts, Reports, and Analysis will then provide your organization with the information and service visibility necessary to optimize savings.


Regardless of its simplicity, MISO3 recognizes that some business do not have the resources to manage its service events. Therefore, MISO3 provides an on-going management option that enables users to recognize savings without the work. Similar to an additional team member, the MISO Manage team tracks all services and, with client approval, negotiates all renewals with vendors. An extra bonus, the MISO Manage solution only charges on savings received and aligns these fees with the actual cost reductions delivered by the Client Vendor.


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