Pricing With Your Needs In Mind

Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime. Pay only for what you need.


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Only Pay For What You Use

You will not be billed based on your estimate. MISO is only charged based on your actual usage.

MISO is Billed in Blocks of 100 Tracked Services

Blocks of 100 ServicesCost Per Block (Monthly)
1 – 5$75
6 – 10$60
11 – 15$45
16 – 25$30
26 – 50$20
51 – 100$15
101 – 200$10

Our Expertise Is Your Expertise

From day one you will have complete access to our customer support team. We will walk you through the configuration and customization of your account.

Advanced Support
MISO Setup
Standard MISO Reporting
Dedicated Support
Missing Data Resolution
Service Cancellation
Custom IT Integration
Data Ingestion
Event Tracking
Vendor Management
Employees and Contacts
Address Normalization
Custom Fields
Missing Data Reporting
Bulk Upload
Equipment Tracking

Fair Usage Pricing

Most SaaS applications charge you for the maximum amount you think you’ll need. If you estimate 19,000 units but only use 12,000, you still get charged for 19,000. We don’t think that’s fair. And it’s also hard to predict the growth of your database in advance.

At MISO you only get billed for what you use; so you don’t pay for more than you need. If you decide to reduce the number of services in your database we’ll even reduced the cost on your next monthly bill.

miso screenshot

Key MISO Benefits

Business spending on IT Services has grown rapidly, but the ability to track that spending has not kept pace. Organizations need a modern solution like MISO to provide transparency into this spending.

  • Vendor Tracking with Event Reminders
  • Advanced Search and Reporting Capabilities
  • Services Details with Associated Documents
  • Assigned Managers and Service Requestors
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