Tracking IT Expenses Should Not Be Hard

The responsibility of IT can be broad - technology, security, and fixer.  This doesn't leave much time to reflect on past purchases or test the market for better solutions.  However, IT often has the most knowledge regarding your recurring IT service commitments and their input is essential.  What they don't have are the tools or time to provide direction – reducing cost and minimizing waste.     

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The Missing Bridge Between Finance and IT

For IT departments, their service management tools are usually limited to spreadsheets, home grown databases or subjective vendor portals. MISO provides these teams a robust and independent service inventory platform; drastically reducing the time to view and act on current commitments as well as explore external, lower priced alternatives.


The Who, What and How of IT Savings

Your employees are busy and sometimes forget to contact IT when the services they were using are no longer needed.  No worries, through MISO communication, at the time of renewal, the user will be prompted so their services can be modified or cancelled before any unneeded expense incurred.

IT Spending Made Trackable

Smart Notification

Receive updates every week on what services are coming up for renewal.

Track Employees

Find all services used by each employee in one place or know who to ask before making a decision regarding a service renewal.

Track Equipment

Merge your internal equipment tracking systems with MISO and receive a financial understanding of future equipment leases or support decisions.

IT Spending Made Trackable

Less Than20%

Of all business regularly review the current market price of their Data and Voice services. 


Average telecom cost reduction year over year.


Of all corporate SAAS licenses remain active, but unused.

Key Benefits for IT Departments

Not only will MISO meet the needs of IT departments, but it also gives recognitions to employees who often feel under-recognized for their efforts.

  • Service Ownership
  • Equipment Support
  • Advanced Search & Reporting
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