Published September 29 2021

MISO3 Launches New Website and Technology Dedicated to Managing Vendor Commitments


The 24/7 Bot

Bethesda, MD - September 28, 2021 - MISO3 announced today the launch of the new corporate website unveiling their innovative M3 platform. M3 is the first machine learning platform purpose-built to help companies identify, extract, and report on their recurring vendor commitments.

“A common fault of too many companies is that they are unknowingly allowing vendor commitments to slip through the cracks. Without active oversight, these auto-renewing solutions are morphing into never-ending, often unused or underutilized, liabilities,” said MISO3’s CEO David Baule. “M3 has been purposefully designed to minimize the resources required to identify and maintain these service-subscriptions through actionable intelligence.”  

MISO3's mission is to maintain data freshness, save businesses time and reduce waste through automation and data consistency. Users of M3 are given advanced notification of auto-renewals, visibility into unused subscriptions, and access to all source documentation that surround their vendor extractions. M3 normalizes vendor data and organizes it into a form that is valuable for customizable, up-to-date reporting. 

MISO3 leverages technology to track technology. While most businesses are forced to make strategic buying decisions with outdated and incomplete information, M3 deploys robotic processes (bots) to simulate how an employee might extract, normalize, and analyze services consumed. Unlike an employee, M3 processes in seconds versus days (weeks) and remains solely focused on its mission 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. 

“With the introduction of the M3 bot technology, we are excited to unveil MISO3’s new website and message to the public. M3 is a game changer that allows businesses to manage what has often been viewed as unmanageable,” said Baule. 

To celebrate the launch of our new website, for a limited time we are offering a 30-day free M3 trial.  For more information visit

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Based in Bethesda, Maryland, MISO3 was born out of the philosophy to “keep the simple things simple, make the difficult things possible.” MISO is the first machine learning platform purpose-built to identify and extract information directly from your vendors, ensuring data freshness and reporting accuracy. Simply put, MISO tracks the when, what, who and how for each vendor service commitment. For more information on MISO3 visit