March 2019 Release

We are very excited to introduce MISO's R4 release; the next generation service tracking platform. Here are some cool features:

Market Data Integration

See your upcoming service events next to your savings potential.

One-click Internal Assessment

Quickly confirm a service is still needed before acting.

One-click Vendor Interaction

Reprice or cancel a service from your current vendor.

IT Recognition Tracker

Easily see and appreciate who is saving your company money.

MISO Marketplace

Send your anonymous request to hundreds of potential providers.

Coding Visualized

That is what 3 months of code looks like. If you're interested in how we created this connect with me, "Kris Meister" on linkedin.


Our tech team created this visualization of code during the last release.

About MISO3

MISO3 is the leading SaaS financial intelligence solution, focused on identifying waste and tracking spending on recurring service commitments. MISO3's cloud technologies helps companies save both time and money by alerting users to upcoming events and enabling informed decisions. MISO analyzes data in real-time, making thousands of data queries so organizations are left with actionable information regarding their service inventories.

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