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Service Assurance.

The information you need, when you need it.

Welcome MISO

MISO is the first Service Assurance platform to be created. Its mission is to fill the gap created between accounting, expense management and contract management platforms. In real-time, MISO tells you what you have, with whom you have it and when you need to act. It also informs you of potential cost savings your decisions may achieve.

Easy to Use

Powerful Analytics

Service Contract Alerts


Quickly see the quantity of services tracked as well the quality (integrity) of the data making up those services. In one glance, MISO provides a forward looking snapshot into upcoming events and a backward view into historical non-decisions.


See what actions need to be taken in the next week, month or year. Broken down by owner, activity type or cost – MISO makes it easy for even the busiest professional to see what needs to done, by when and how. MISO also has enabled a “don’t forget” feature that provides electronic reminders for services with less time to act.

Service Details

See your complete service at a glance – vendors, products, terms, economics and actions. MISO allows Clients to create custom fields that align to each individual business entity.


In addition to Event tracking, MISO easily relates services to vendors, agreements, locations and users. What once took countless hours of research and document review can now be competed with a click of a button – providing organizations with visibility into all of their services as they relate to a specific facility, agreement or service provider.

MISO also contains an easy to use Solution module. Solutions allow users to associate unique services from different vendors, creating awareness of broken dependencies resulting from the cancellation of one service though not the other.

More Features of the MISO Platform

Data Integrity Recognition
Advanced Search Capabilities
Agreement Tracking
Customized Field Tracking
Flexible Reporting
Address Normalization
Vendor Normalization
Product Normalization
Service Status Management
End of Term Workflows
End of Term and Event Date Tracking
User Roles & Permissions
Document Association and Storage
Electronic Notifications
Customizable Integration

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