Keeping the Simple Things Simple

Tracking your service subscriptions can feel like death by paper-cuts. MISO changes this.

MISO automatically relates your service inventory to your locations, employees, equipment, even each other - identifying and alerting you to any change that will impact your service commitments. When it is time to act on a service, MISO has organized all of your information so you will be better prepared to negotiate with your vendor or talk to one of the hundreds of vendors in the MISO Marketplace.

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MISO’s Extract, Transfer and Load (METL) leverages the latest technology in data extraction.  Regardless if we are ingesting services from an API connector, an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF document – METL normalizes and maps all service data into your intelligent service inventory platform.       

Real Time Alerts

In advance of a service event, MISO alerts you that an action is required.

Contact Service Owners

MISO asks the person responsible for a service what action they want to take - renew, cancel, or modify. To assist in larger organizations, this communication is tracked in MISO. If the internal resource is not known, MISO will remember this is a future action to remedy.

Action Made Easy

MISO will help you act; request a price reduction or cancel a specific service with your vendor. If you're looking to expand your request, MISO can also assist in engaging alternative vendors for pricing on similar and replacement offerings.

MISO intelligently learns your actions and vendor processes to drive increased efficiencies – saving you time and money. 

MISO intelligently learns your actions, as well as vendor processes, in order to drive increased efficiencies - saving you time and money.

Key MISO Benefits

Business spending on IT Services has grown rapidly, but the ability to track that spending has not kept pace. Organizations need a modern solution like MISO to provide transparency into this spending.

  • Vendor Tracking with Event Reminders
  • Advanced Search and Reporting Capabilities
  • Services Details with Associated Documents
  • Assigned Managers and Service Requestors
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