MISO Features & Benefits

Spending Intelligence

Accounting software can tell you what you did last quarter, though it offers little guidance into your future decisions. MISO fulfills this role, providing data transparency and providing forward-looking intelligence.

  • Data Integrity

    MISO calculates a Data Integrity (DI) score for each service stored in your platform. High DI scores represent services where you are prepared to find savings on a consistent and timely basis. Low DI scores reflect services that you currently are unable to save due to a lack of actionable data.

  • Service Ownership

    Negotiating with vendors can reduce your cost for services, though not necessarily eliminate all the waste. This often requires an understanding of services current use and need. Keeping track of who requested a service can be challenging, especially many years after the initial purchase. Therefore, MISO maintains a record for all requesting contacts and makes it easy to confirm if a service should be maintained, changed or cancelled.

  • Advanced Search & Reporting

    Using some of the most advanced technologies available, MISO enables you to quickly and quantifiable view and report on service inventories. Using locations, vendors, products and thousands of custom attributes, MISO enables you to find and make informed business decisions on what you need, when you need it.

  • Missing Data Reports

    While reporting on your data is nothing new, reporting on the data you don’t manage  is unique.  MISO provides the tools to identify the information you  need to save money .

Complete Tracking

Many organizations track their recurring commitments, services and agreements separately. MISO combines these to give a complete picture of current spend and the impact of upcoming decisions.

  • Service Ownership

    Keeping track of who requested a service can be challenging, especially many years after the initial purchase. MISO maintains a record of all requesting parties so confirmation of a services continual need is tracked within the platform.

  • Agreement Tracking

    Agreements contain much of the economic data needed to make timely decisions on a service.  Duration, notification requirements, and  procedures are just a few of the attributes MISO will help you track. MISO will even let you attach your agreement for easy, logical access.

  • Vendor Management

    MISO collects important vendor data including spend, products, account numbers and locations.  MISO tracks  vendor contacts related to your account and specific services.    

  • Equipment Support

    Buying equipment is not hard, tracking its true cost is. Financing, annual support and management fees can even exceed the initial cost of the purchase. MISO makes it easy to associate and be alerted to all expenses surrounding your equipment inventory.  

MISO Smart Notification

Accounting systems focus on historical data; your last month, quarter or year.  MISO, in contrast, informs you of  decisions. Deciding whether to renew, replace or cancel a service may take time. Therefore, MISO provides you advanced notifications up to  12-months prior  to an economic event.   

  • Auto-Renew

    MISO alerts you of when a service is scheduled to auto-renew.  MISO helps you avoid the “unplanned term extensions” created though vendor advanced notification requirements (i.e. 45 days prior to terms end).  Instead, MISO counts down the days until you need to notify your vendor of intent to cancel, continue or modify service.     

  • Auto-Cancellation

    Unintended auto-cancellations can cause serious havoc to an organization’s operational continuity. Unsupported equipment, terminated memberships or cancelled licenses (i.e. SSL Certificates) can take days, even weeks to resolve with the cost often out-weighing the initial service expense.  MISO alerts you to all auto-cancellations; ensuring your intention for this action and, if not, providing the time to remedy this future concern.    

  • Pending Activation

    You have the most access to information the day you place an order with your vendor.  Products, costs, terms and agreements are all accessible and familiar.  Though for many solutions, the time between the order and service activation can be weeks, even months. MISO allows you to enter your service information when the order is signed.  Using the future start date, MISO  will remind you to confirm this date as well as prompt you to cancel any replaced services.      

  • Pending-Cancellation

    Service cancellations are a common action, but can be difficult to track.  MISO allows you to enter your requested cancellation dates with your vendor; putting services into a status of “Pending Cancellation.”  These dates, along with vendor confirmations, are now documented and accessible if needed to confirm timing and/or dispute incorrect vendor billings.    

Acting in MISO

MISO provides you the ability to act on your services without leaving the portal. MISO actions are designed to minimize the level of effort needed to maintain your service inventory and maximize your savings opportunities.

  • Activating a New Service

    Enter your order information and service data into MISO with an upcoming start date. MISO will remind you when your service is scheduled to go live so you can activate and begin calculating your next savings event.

  • Re-terming

    Ask your vendor for a better price for a term extension. MISO includes all relevant data, so vendors know you are in control of you service inventory and savings expectations.

  • Quoting

    Ask any of your vendors to quote a new or existing service. MISO can also take any quote request to market, allowing you to have price comparisons from new vendors as well as competing technology solutions.

  • Canceling

    Easy to order, difficult to cancel is a strategy that is often intentional. MISO saves cancellation processes and information from your vendors, simplifying they research needed to complete this action. 

  • Grouping

    MISO provides easy-to-use service association technology, so you have complete visibility into a services true cost. Frequently viewed as separate line items on a vendor invoice, MISO’s grouping technology ensures all services are accounted for via a cancellation request or service renewal.

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