MISO3 was Founded on the Single Concept

"No Decision is a Decision"

This rule is the framework for MISO, minimizing the effort businesses required to make timely and informed decisions, saving thousands, even millions of dollars annually.  

MISO accomplishes this goal by coupling purpose-built technology with deep industry experience.  Recognizing software alone is not a solution, MISO injects best practices regarding how recurring service commitments are organized, how they should be analyzed and, working collectively with their customers, how they should be prioritized to achieve objectives.       

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MISO Fun Fact

MISO was not named after the Japanese soup.  It originated from a concept the Founders had for an active platform that would change how businesses manage and purchase IT services.  MISO would accomplish this by organizing and analyzing, often ignored, IT economic data in a purposeful way.  Their philosophy – keeping the simple things simple, makes the difficult things possible. 

Once created, the technology successfully married user decisions with the information needed to make that decision. Put simply, it is was anticipating its user needs.

Make it so (MISO).


Service Assurance Digital Assistant

Miyagi works hard so his customers do not have to. He is constantly tracking, calculating and notifying Users of pending decisions as well as opportunities for savings. Miyagi is amazingly organized and is an expert regarding his clients’ service commitments and their alignment to current market conditions. Miyagi was created in 2017 and currently resides in the MISO Platform.

David Baule

Chief Executive Officer

David brings over 20 years experience in data/telecommunications and has a passion to build great companies and work with talented individuals. David’s entrepreneurial background includes founding and running his two previous companies – Core180 (sold to Harris Corp in 2011) and DBR360 (sold to GTT in 2014). David is a Virginia Tech Hokie and lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

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William ("Bill") Smedberg

Chief Financial Officer

Bill is a successful business executive that works with organizations in both their early and growth stages. Bill’s experiences includes Management, M&A, and Corporate Development. Most recently, Bill was the CEO of Pingtone Communications, a leading VoIP and cloud services company, which he sold to Fusion in 2015. Bill lives in Northern Virginia and has his BS and MBA from UVA.

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Kris Meister


Kris is a leading Cloud Application architect that is passionate about combining usability, technology, and style. Kris was the CEO of Alien Communication, a software development agency supporting clients that included Mercedes, Marriott and Hulu. Kris is viewed as an industry leader and has received numerous accolades including Webby’s Ecommerce and Peoples Choice awards. Kris lives in Rockville, Maryland.

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