Published November 17 2021

MISO3 Integrates Weeldi Technology into its Vendor Extraction Platform

David Baule

Chief Executive Officer

Bethesda, MD - November 16, 2021 - MISO3, the leader in automation of vendor service identification and normalization, announced its successful integration with Weeldi, a San Francisco based web automation technology company.   

“Automating the extraction and normalization of vendor commitments is extremely challenging and, therefore, has never been done well,” says David Baule, CEO of MISO3. “Our goal with the MISO technology was not to simply create vendor bots to automate these tasks, but develop the technology to easily build thousands of them. Each bot saves companies hundreds of man-hours and ensures superior data accuracy and freshness. Leveraging Weeldi’s web automation engine is a true game changer and allows us to simulate API-type processes where APIs often do not exist.”

MISO3 works with enterprise-level companies to give its clients insight into their recurring vendor commitments – subscriptions, service, and licenses. Unlike legacy software applications that simply store and report on vendor services, the MISO technology identifies, cleans, and maintains this information. This dramatic improvement in efficiency saves time, money, and closes many of the security vulnerabilities caused through poorly managed vendor relationships.

“Weeldi’s ability to reliably automate the process of capturing data from highly dynamic vendor portals, combined with MISO3’s ability to transform this data into actionable insights makes for a very compelling value proposition in a large IT Expense management market,” said Weeldi CEO, Moe Arnaiz.

This year, companies will spend trillions of IT dollars on cloud and network services. And while companies are aware of how much they spend with each vendor, the details often remain untracked. When vendor services are examined, businesses mostly rely on outdated spreadsheets or costly audits that become quickly obsolete and provide insufficient insight. The enhancement of MISO’s bots with the Weeldi technology eliminates the labor-intensive tasks of weeding through vendor portals, invoices, and spreadsheets. The MISO technology enables businesses to spend their time on strategic efforts such as eliminating waste and unknown liabilities.