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MISO3 Launches Groundbreaking Service-Assurance Platform To Help Businesses Manage Term-Based IT and Infrastructure Costs

Intelligent Tracking Tool Enables Enterprises to Eliminate Waste and Save Money

BETHESDA, Md., April 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- MISO3 introduces MISO Select™, the first IT Financial Management platform designed to track and predict term-based enterprise service commitments and their related costs. This pioneering tool allows businesses to easily move from inefficient spreadsheet management to a web-based environment that provides forward-looking control, analytics and immediate savings opportunities.

"The days of unintended auto-renewals and expirations are over," said David Baule, CEO of MISO3. "Our product bridges the divide between the IT and Finance departments and enables users to know the cost commitments they have, when those commitments end and what to do next to optimize their term-based service expenditures. These services represent the fastest growing segment of most organizations' IT budget."

Most companies do a poor job of tracking financial events for term-based services such as voice and data connections, software subscriptions and equipment support. Lacking the necessary data, they cannot reassess their current need and future options for previously purchased services. Personnel changes, business acquisitions and other developments can further magnify the challenge of controlling these service costs.

"Even for small businesses, it's not uncommon for these expenses to accumulate unnoticed and to grow passively over time," said Baule. "For larger and more decentralized businesses, the waste and inefficiency can be surprisingly costly – potentially millions of dollars per year."

Until now, businesses had few tools to fix the problem. MISO Select fills the gap between accounting, expense-management and contract-management tools with an affordable, easy-to-use SaaS solution. Users can readily upload, report and manage all required information with a few key strokes and no special software. The platform continually tracks the lifecycle of term-based services and provides real-time actionable intelligence and pro-active notifications to help companies reduce costs and streamline purchasing.

MISO3 provides the first purpose-built assurance platform to dramatically improve business decision making on term-based IT and infrastructure services. For more information, please visit or email

Elizabeth Peet


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