Published September 28 2020

Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) joins in on MISO3's Latest Investment Round

David Baule

Chief Executive Officer

BETHESDA, MD September 28, 2020 - MISO3, the machine learning platform built to identify and extract information directly from your vendors, announces that TEDCO has joined its latest investment round.

"We are excited to have TEDCO as a Partner as we continue to grow our capabilities both in the State of Maryland and beyond", says David Baule, CEO of MISO3. "We believe working within the TEDCO ecosystem will benefit both MISO3 and its Partners."

The MISO3 technology platform (MISO) fills the growing knowledge gap between finance and operations. It allows businesses to actively inventory recurring vendor services, licenses and support commitments. Whether organizations are restructuring or simply eliminating waste, not having accurate and instantly available data on vendor liabilities is expensive.

MISO has been purpose-built to achieve the mission of knowing what you have, what you need, and when to act. MISO3 helps companies saves millions through eliminating distressed (active but no longer used) services and identifying savings opportunities.

"Our investments in MISO3 represents the role TEDCO plays to convene our ecosystem, driving economic empowerment, inclusion, diversity, and other critical growth objectives for all Marylanders," said Elizabeth Good Mazhari, interim managing director of investments, TEDCO.

"Both in the private and public sectors, organizations are realizing that simply tracking agreements is not enough," says Baule. "In these uncertain times, companies are trying to cut costs without reducing staff. Minimizing waste should be their first step. Unfortunately, most do not have the visibility or the process to question their growing services inventory. If unchecked, these accumulating costs act like termites, eating away at profitability."