HOPE is not a good security strategy   

The Most Secure Way to Track Your Vendor Commitments.

Employees can leave and spreadsheets can be shared. To have true information control, it starts with the process, not the people - to include the who, what, and when of vendor service and subscription management.   

Secure Data Access

Like an employee, MISO requires access to vendor portals. Unlike an employee, MISO protects these login permissions with leading encryption and transfer technologies. And, as an “extraction-only” bot, MISO logs all information extracted and when.

Data Privacy

MISO has a singular mission to reveal actionable information to make informed decisions. MISO is trusted by leading firms in industry that range from banking, to communications, to hospitality. MISO never shares or leverages proprietary customer data.

The Alternative

For too long, vendor service and subscription data has been treated as too unwieldy to track. Unknown services lead to undefined security policies. MISO removes the blind spots and shows companies what they currently don't know.