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MISO3 is changing the way businesses manage their IT services.

About Us

MISO3 was founded by telecommunication and data executives on one simple question

Why do loyal, long-standing business customers not receive the same preferred pricing as new customers?

In an industry where prices continue to decline it became apparent that not only were organizations not asking for cheaper prices, often

Businesses do not know when or who to ask.

MISO3 recognized that in the growing world of IT Financial Management, the only tools available did not solve this problem. Accounting systems, expense management tools, and audits were looking into businesses past decisions and providing minimal visibility into future events when costs should come down.

Hello MISO.

The company Founders gave the young company the curious name "MISO3." Many joked and questioned its relationship to the Japanese soup, though this MISO was a revolutionary idea. A technology application that will save its Users time and money by anticipating their needs or, put simply, “Make it So” (MISO).

Leadership Team



Service Assurance Digital Assistant

Miyagi works hard so his customers do not have to. He is constantly tracking, calculating and notifying Users of pending decisions as well as opportunities for savings. Miyagi is amazingly organized and is an expert regarding his clients’ service commitments and their alignment to current market conditions. Miyagi was created in 2017 and currently resides in the MISO Platform

David Baule

David Baule

Chief Executive Officer

David brings over 20 years experience in data/telecommunications and has a passion to build great companies and work with talented individuals. David’s entrepreneurial background includes founding and running his two previous companies – Core180 (sold to Harris Corp in 2011) and DBR360 (sold to GTT in 2014). David is a Virginia Tech Hokie and lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

William Smedberg

William ("Bill") Smedberg

Chief Financial Officer

Bill is a successful business executive that works with organizations in both their early and growth stages. Bill’s experiences includes Management, M&A, and Corporate Development. Most recently, Bill was the CEO of Pingtone Communications, a leading VoIP and cloud services company, which he sold to Fusion in 2015. Bill lives in Northern Virginia and has his BS and MBA from UVA.

Kris Meister

Kris Meister


Kris is a leading Cloud Application architect that is passionate about combining usability, technology, and style. Kris was the CEO of Alien Communication, a software development agency supporting clients that included Mercedes, Marriott and Hulu. Kris is viewed as an industry leader and has received numerous accolades including Webby’s Ecommerce and Peoples Choice awards. Kris lives in Rockville, Maryland.

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